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TFH Makers Social

Here's to new times and new beginnings...

TFH Makers Social

Now, I’m no blogger and I’m definitely no writer but I feel like I need to talk!

In these new and uncertain times, like most of us, I’m juggling emotions between concern and boredom. We just can’t sit still, the world doesn’t just stop turning because of pandemic and let’s face it, we need to be kept stimulated. Especially when, (like myself) jobs and sources of income are lost.

I have seen this a positive opportunity to promote my classes and start to separate that side of TFH with my own ongoing jewellery making journey. My forthcoming classes have been affected by the current situation and I can’t imagine that I’ll have any workshops scheduled until the end of the year at least. And so, this is where TFH Makers Social came about, a platform where I can now hopefully start to grow a small community of enthusiastic makers where no experience is needed.

I thought it would be fun to offer a taster of what to expect in my classes and maybe expand beyond jewellery making by touching upon other crafts for all ages. I guess we’ll have to see how the first tutorial goes. I’d love to hear your thoughts and fingers crossed it’ll can help to fill the time.

Let’s get creative together!

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