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TFH x Brown Paper Festival Earrings Workshop

I've joined forces with the wonderful Brown Paper Festival to bring you this exclusive earring workshop! For more information on how to purchase your earring craft kit, head to

Your craft box will include;

• Black & White Clay

• Roller

• Jumprings

• Template

• Earring Bezels

• Varnish

• Pliers

• Paint Brush

• Gold/Silver/Copper Leaf

• Craft Knife

• Tile

• Baking Paper

• Toothpicks

• Sandpaper  

• Jewellery Bag

In addition you'll need

• An oven (baking for 20-30min at 230F or 110C)

• A baking tray

I’m hoping this tutorial is pretty easy to follow, but if you have any questions at all please do let me know, I'm always happy to help! All thoughts are welcome and I'd love to hear your ideas on further workshops.

Enjoy! XXX

Earring Workshop Part 1

Fruit Magnet Workshop Part 2

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